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A website must, of course, be functional, user-friendly and appealing. Above all, it should be emotionally effective. Because purchase decisions - this is an old wisdom - are never made for purely rational reasons.
A positive image is made up of many factors. Two of the most important ones are the presentation of the company's identity and its communication to the market.

Contents and style determine whether the website should be only factually informative, emphatically innovative or predominantly image-related.
We implement this technically and creatively and add emotional components.

If you would like to know a more precise cost framework for your website, please use our Price calculator.


Today, a sophisticated website cannot do without a content management system (CMS), because topicality and thus the simple administration of large amounts of data are indispensable in for success in today's online markets.

Here, too, we fulfil all customer wishes for simple editability, simple handling and cost-safe, i.e. economical, maintenance of content and data with JOOMLA!
JOOMLA! is a very powerful content management system and offers individual solutions for every project, modularly arranged for the respective need. Many components extend a JOOMLA! - Basic package.

Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you on the possible applications of JOOMLA! and develop suitable solutions for you.

We are also fans of other CMS, such as Typo3. But to offer our customers an optimal expert service,
we have specialised in one platform, Joomla!.


We use existing structures, update and complete content, revise the design and, above all, increase functionality.
We also transfer old static websites to the content management system JOOMLA! in order to enable you to maintain your website yourself.

The advantages are obvious:  
A realization is possible in a considerably short time. The familiar image of your Internet presence remains, but it becomes decisively more economical. Search engine optimization - more visitors and customers on your website through better ranking.
Talk to us! We will do a first free check together with you.

Responsive Design

For quite some time it has not been enough to optimise one's own website on iPhone and iPad. After all, customers have become accustomed to using online content on very different devices - and expect companies to make sure this works. 

Do you want to convince your customers with your online content - regardless of where they are and which device they are using?
How to proceed more efficiently and success-oriented than before?
Contact us and learn more about the advantages of Responsive Design concepts.
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