Success means new customers.
New customers bring new energy to the company and the development of the company constantly needs new energy.

In the corporate context, it serves the targeted presentation of products and services within precisely selected media channels. The company's website serves both customer retention and the advertising of new customers.

Through the meaningful interaction of message, target group and marketing channel, online marketing offers real added value.


There are different ways to optimize your website successfully in the search engines.
In the context of our programming of the web pages or also as single measure we support you gladly with the search machine optimization (SEO).

Basically the description must be optimal for the search engines, which is also optimal for the Internet visitor. The description must contain what the Internet visitor is looking for.

Optimization also includes:
  • Planning and realization of landing pages and microsites
  • Conception and creation of google Adwords
  • Consulting for social media platforms

We would be happy to advise you and show you the possibilities that are available to you if you optimize your website specifically for search engines.

social network

Social networks and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Xing etc. offer companies, associations and organisations a variety of opportunities to present themselves, place topics and communicate directly with target groups.

We advise you on how you can establish social networks as part of your communication architecture.


We offer convenient solutions for the realisation and implementation of your newsletter campaigns.

Our services for you:
  • Development of newsletter strategies and implementation.
  • Create HTML or text emails.
  • Shipping and Reporting.
  • Detailed response processing.
  • Administration and maintenance of your database.
  • Data analysis.
We would be pleased to meet with you for a non-binding discussion.
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